The patient uniform started looking good on us, we forgot how we looked in normal clothes. We used to walk little by little everyday, inhaled steam thrice a day and did spirometer at least five times a day. Our physio, Tigdi never believed in me and would make me do the exercises again and again thinking
I am bluffing.

All rooms in the hospital were filled with the sound of cough and a sense of panic. I still remember how much we used to pray to not go to the 5th floor where the ICU is. More the times we went under the CT exposing our chests to the machine, more we kept coming to know that the patches have only increased. Ground glass opaque patches have made their home in our lungs. The poking catheter in the sleep kept reminding us that the virus hasn’t left us. Vials after vials of Remedesivir has just gone into the body, followed by steroids, blood thinners to reduce the damage. We lost count of how many times the nurses came and went.  

Nupur got discharged in five days but me, baba and aaji were asked to stay longer as our lungs became worse. We all were in the same room and we finally got discharged on 2nd February. I could again feel the sun, the wind and the normal world. It took us two months to regain our complete strength and will take a life time to forget it.