Telangana, the place I belong to is the newly formed 29th state of India. Telangana has seen the rise and fall of a lot of governments, since ages. The growing incompetency is what eventually led to the division of the state. Unequal development, water and agrarian crisis, illiteracy and unemployment are some of the major problems that the state continues to face even today. Initially I visited only Medaram, followed by visits to more similar mass gatherings. At first glance everything seems festive, almost like a celebration with people having a great time -cooking, singing and dancing. However, the more time you spend in that landscape, you start witnessing the other side of it, filled with cries, tears and mass hysteria. Who knew people had so much to share with their deities? They wait for many years, some for as long as eight years, for a single propitious day during these gatherings, to open their hearts to God. These places seem to be their only outlet to vent out all the agony and pain caused by everything, personal, social and political.  ‘For the promised heaven in the sky’ is a mosaic of people and a peek into their world of melancholia and enchantment. It is a journey that the extremely vulnerable take on as they continue to cling to the tiny sliver of hope still left in their lives.